How many grow bags can I inoculate with one syringe? 

Determining the number of grow bags you can inoculate with one syringe of spores is an important consideration in the cultivation process. Each syringe typically contains approximately 10ml of spores, which is enough to inoculate multiple grow bags. However, the exact number of bags you can inoculate with one syringe may vary based on several factors, such as the size of the bags and the density of the substrate.


As a general guideline, we recommend using approximately 2ml of spores per grow bag. Based on this estimate, you should be able to inoculate around five grow bags with one syringe.


It is also essential to remember that using too many or too few spores can impact the success of your cultivation project. Using too few spores can lead to slow or incomplete growth, while using too many can increase the risk of contamination.


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