Agar Plates Testing: How to Use Agar Plates for Testing Spore Strains

Agar plates are a great way to test out your spore strains and make sure they're free from contamination. With just a little bit of patience and attention, you can grow healthy mycelium and avoid any mold growth.

Here's how to use agar plates to test your spore strains:

  1. Gather your materials: You'll need agar plates, a spore syringe, and a sterile environment to work in. You can purchase agar plates online or make them yourself.

  2. Sterilize your agar plates: If you're making your own agar plates, sterilize them according to the instructions. If you're purchasing pre-made agar plates, make sure they're sterile and ready to use.

  3. Inject spores into the agar: Inject about 0.5 ccs of spores into the surface of the agar plate. Then, inject another 0.5 cc of spores into the center of the plate. This helps ensure that the mycelium growth is visible on the surface of the plate.

  4. Wait for mycelium growth: Put your agar plates in a warm, dark place and wait for mycelium growth. You should see results within 1-2 weeks. If you see any mold growth, discard the plate and start over.

  5. Transfer mycelium to grow bags: Once you have healthy mycelium growth, you can transfer it to your grow bags so it can continue colonizing in a larger space. Alternatively, you can use the spore syringe to inoculate your grow bags directly.

By using agar plates to test your spore strains, you can have peace of mind that your growing experience will be successful.

Remember to always use the same type of syringe for your grow bag to avoid cross-contamination. Mixing different strains is not recommended, as the spores can compete for nutrients and eventually one may take over, or there won't be enough to support both, and they may stop colonizing. Happy growing!

For more detailed instructions, check out this video tutorial:

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