Why Is The Coupon Code Not Working?

The coupon code will only work with Mushroom Prints & Mycelium Emporium.

If you want to order a spore syringe for the purpose of studying it under a microscope then you will want to go to Mushroom Prints because Mycelium Emporium doesn’t carry those.

There is a short video there that will walk you through ordering the mushrooms:

Also, please be advised that if you put the coupon code it will only discount the price to order 1 syringe.  So if you have multiple syringes in your cart it wont show free but will discount the cost of one syringe.

Additionally, the coupon code will make the syringe free however it will still charge you a shipping cost.

Legal Disclaimer:

Psilocybin remains illegal by the federal government in the United States and we do not endorse or encourage anyone to break federal law.

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