I Just Received my Grow Kit! What Should I Do Next?

Congratulations on receiving your new grow kit! To ensure a successful cultivation process, we have prepared a step-by-step guide to assist you in getting started:


1. If you ordered a Grow Kit, you will receive two separate packages:

  • Package 1: 3 Grow Bags + 1 Agar Plate(shipped out within 2 or 3 business days )
  • Package 2: 2 Free Spore Syringes (shipped out within 2 or 3 business days )


2. Once the packages arrive:

  1. Snap a picture of the package with its label for your own records.
  2. Check your products. If you notice anything missing or damaged, let us know right away so we can get it sorted for you.
  3. Give the grow bags a sniff to ensure there isn't any weird odor or mold inside. If you do notice anything off, don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'll get you a replacement ASAP.

2.1. Package 1: 3 Grow Bags + 1 Agar Plate

Package 1 will arrive first. To ensure the best results, store the

  • Grow Bags in a cool dry place,
  • and the Agar Plate upside down in a refrigerator.

2.2. Once Package 2 arrives, you can use it right away, or store it

  • Store the Spore Syringes in the refrigerator (not the freezer) lying flat horizontally.
  • When the spore syringe was stored in the refrigerator and you're ready to use it, let it thaw or warm up to room temperature for 10-15 minutes.
  • Make sure you follow all the necessary precautions like turning off your AC, wearing a mask and gloves, sanitizing the area and items, and shaking the spore syringes before testing the spore syringe on an agar plate.


3. Agar Plates Testing:


An agar plate is a great tool for testing out our spore strains and ensuring they're free from contamination.

  • You'll be able to see results, whether it's healthy mycelium growth or mold, within just 1-2 weeks.
  • And if all looks good, you can transfer the mycelium to your grow bags so they can continue colonizing in a larger space,
  • or use the spore syringe instead.

This process helps give you peace of mind and makes sure your growing experience is a success!


4. Inoculation:

Just wanted to share a cool technique we've seen in a recent Facebook Live by Oliver and Josh. They suggest injecting your spores first .5 cc near the surface of the bag, then .5 cc to the center of the bag. This is to make sure that the mycelium growth is visible on the outside and that it doesn't hide away in the dark.
  2. Please make sure that you use the same type of syringe for your grow bag.
 For example
    • Syringe A to Bag A and B
    • Syringe B to Bag C
  3. Mixing different strains is not recommended, as the spores can compete for nutrients and eventually one may take over, or there won't be enough to support both, and they may stop colonizing.


5. Incubation:

  1. Once you've inoculated your grow bags, it's time to find a cozy spot for them to colonize.
  2. To keep your bags happy, find a dark place for them to hang out in - like the top shelf of your closet, a kitchen cabinet, a shoe box on top of your refrigerator, or a dresser drawer.
  3. The ideal temperature is between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit (with 78-80 degrees being the sweet spot).
  4. Just make sure the space has good ventilation and the filter on the bag is not blocked. Give your bags a little breathing room by not sealing the box completely, and avoid stacking them on top of each other.
  5. Leave it in there for 4-6 weeks or until the bag is fully colonized.


6. Mid-Incubation

  1. If after a week or two, you still don't see any signs of mycelium growth, don't worry! You can try the cold-shock approach.
  2. Just make sure to remove the Curative Mushrooms label so you can check if there's mycelium on the other side (sometimes you may have injected too deep and squirted on the flip side).
  3. Then, place your inoculated bags in the fridge (not the freezer) for 6-12 hours, thaw them for 10-15 minutes, and reinoculate with 2-3cc towards the center of the bag.
  4. Remember to shake your spore syringes before inoculation and follow the instructions in the grow guide.


7. If you have 20-50% mycelium growth, you can try mixing the bags.

We don't open the bags and mix the dirt and grains. Separate the dirt from the grain and just mix the grains. This will make the mycelium spread throughout the edges and sides.

After mixing them up successfully, make sure you pat them down to make them a cube-like structure again, but not too compressed.


8. Fruiting

  1. ONLY PROCEED to the fruiting stages if the following requirement is achieved:
    • Your block or bag is fully white.
    • Solid like a brick when you give it a gentle squeeze.
    • Has little mushroom heads sprouting (pinning) on the top of the substrate.
  2. Once you've confirmed all is well, gently open the top plastic above the filter patch using a sterilized tool and pour in a cup of distilled water. Let it soak for 5 minutes, then dump the water out.
  3. Now you're ready to follow the steps outlined in our "The Simplest Way to Grow Medicinal Mushrooms V3" Grow Guide.
  4. Give your bags a mist spray on the sides and give them a little air with a fan. Close the cutout part with a hairpin, paperclip, or tape and alternate exposing them to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.
  5. Mist sprays the sides of the bags and fans some air into them.


9. Harvesting

Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sod2U05LSy4

Make sure you use a sterilized tool.


10. Drying

Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6B4yfTETD0

I've read multiple articles and other reports from consumers concerning, "Why does my shroom turn black after drying?" Here are several reports I've compiled:

  • Black usually means bacteria, and that's never a good thing. It will cause food poisoning. If you'll get them dry, the bacteria will be killed off though. I'd still boil that batch into a tea to make sure. Being sick after you eat your mushrooms is not the most pleasant experience.
  • Cut open the area where it's turned black. Is it slimy? Is it black all the way through? If not, then most likely, it's just spores on top of the shroom.
  • Some smaller shrooms are blue so intensely that they look black.
  • Too much heat, too little air movement. A fan alone is better than a heater alone, but both are the best.
  • You're losing potency due to decreased oxidation. The oxidative products are also likely implicated in causing nausea, so mushrooms dried poorly will be less fun to take. Dry your mushrooms with mild heat and lots of moving air and they should retain their normal color.
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