Do The Grow Bags Come Pre-Inoculated Or Do I Need To Inject Them?

The grow bags do not come pre injected with spores or cultures.

Therefore, you will need to get a syringe of your choosing to inject into the bags.

They are called ‘All-In-One’ bags because most of the time people have to have completely different steps for the injecting, incubating and fruiting where with our bags you don’t need any additional equipment because you can grow your mushroom directly in the bag.

Also, we do not ship the syringe with the grow bags.  Even if you took our order upgrade to get a free syringe coupon code you will need to go to the members area to complete the extra step to get your syringe.

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Here is a good article to read about your syringe:

How Do I Order My Spores Syringe?

If you would like more grow bags click the links below:

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