Agar Plate Test FAQs for Replacement Requests: Why Testing Spore Syringes is Essential

When you order a grow kit from us, you receive an agar plate alongside Package 1's three Grow Bags. Testing the spore syringe's viability with the agar plate is crucial to identify any issues with the grow bag, spore syringe, or both, which is why it's necessary for replacement requests.

If the agar plate test confirms contamination of the spore syringe, we will send a spore syringe replacement promptly. Similarly, if the agar plate shows the spore syringe growing mycelium, but the grow bags become contaminated, we will replace the grow bag.

It is essential to comply with the agar plate test to receive spore syringe and grow bag replacements. Failure to do so will result in the non-issuance of any replacements.

Here are some FAQs to help you through the process:

Q: I tested the spore syringe on agar, and nothing grew.

A: If you see no visible mycelium growth on the agar plate after five days, shake the syringe and add three more drops. If the second test still doesn't produce any growth, repeat the agar test for the third time.

Q: I tested the spore syringe on agar, and only mold or bacteria grew.

A: If you observe bacteria, gray, green, black, or orange mold on the agar plate, the spore syringe content is contaminated. Email us a photo of the contaminated agar plate with the date it was tested or take a picture of the agar plate alongside the Grow Bag ID Number label to proceed with the replacement process.

Q: I tested the spore syringe on agar, and I see both mycelium and contamination.

A: If the majority of the growth on the agar plate is contaminated, we can send you a replacement spore syringe. Provide us with a photo of the agar plate showing the contamination, and we will promptly ship a replacement within 7 business days.

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