What to Do After Receiving Your Grow Kit

Upon receiving your grow kit, follow these tips for a successful growing experience:

  1. Start the Agar Plate Test within 7 days: To determine if the spore syringe is viable for use in inoculating the grow bag, it is recommended to start the Agar Plate Test within 7 days of receiving the two packages containing (1) Grow Bags + Agar Plate and (2) Spore Syringes. This proactive approach maximizes the freshness of your growing supplies while minimizing the risk of contamination due to using outdated supplies.

  2. Replacement Request Expires on the 45th Day: Replacement or refund requests for grow kits are only valid for 45 days from the date you received both packages. After this time, we cannot accept any requests for replacement or refund. If you need a replacement or refund for the grow bags, kindly provide us with

    • a clear image of the agar dish showing good mycelium growth

    • and the contaminated grow bag

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